Angela Simmons Practices Self-Love + 9 Tips For Greater Self-Love


There is nothing more significant than inner self-love. Loving yourself is an empowering and powerful attribute to existing.

Recently, momtrepreneur and designer, Angela Simmons took to social media and served an elegant expression of self-love. She begins with the acknowledgment of her physical self and connecting unconditional love to her self-view while continuing to find strength in understanding the value of loving oneself.

Simmons states: “She’s not perfect, her weight fluctuates, she has her days when she’s not sure … she doesn’t have a 6 pack …. Throughout this all she’s learned to love herself unconditionally… because if she didn’t who would? She is me. And I am her … My strength is rooted deeper than the surface. I want to encourage you to love your body. Wherever you stand with it. It’s not easy. But it’s worth it. You are worth it. You don’t have to be what anyone( society) tells you to be. You can be YOU freely. There’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman! Built not Bought.”

Simmons’ encouraging expressions of self-love embodies the meaning of the term! Self-Love is a personal belief or a personal boundary that protects the heart and soul of a person.

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People who accept self-love, understand that perfection is not the measurement, nor should it be the foundation. Love is kind! Self-Love creates a safe place in which you engage the world. Simmons presents her ideas of self-love and how it ties to her physical and her mental health.

In the WAGNN Podcast about Self-Love, the hosts discussed the levels of self-love and how to preserve it. Self Love includes setting boundaries within yourself and with others. Self-loathing is not an example of self-love, yet celebrating small victories is. We often judge celebrities about how they appear to us, not taking into account that they are people like us and are ok with their flaws.

The beginning stages of self-love comes from caretakers and guardians. If unfostered, delayed recognition of self-love creates difficulty in decision making interpersonally and intrapersonally. Self-Love is realized in different stages of life. By loving others and giving back, you build positive self-esteem. Below are nine ways to develop self-love.

Try these tips for discovering greater self-love. Use what apply’s to your life. For some, loving yourself might sound a little odd, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t critical. The more you love yourself, the better you’ll take care of yourself. Self-love impacts your health, longevity, self-esteem, self-confidence, and success.

Tips for discovering greater self-love:

  1. Remember your WINS. View yourself in a positive light more often. One of the easiest ways to do this is to remember your WINS. Remember your high school and/or college graduation day. Think about the time you received a promotion or became a new parent. Most people spend plenty of time remembering their failures. Try doing the opposite for a month and see what happens!
  2. Volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to boost your self-esteem. It’s easier to love yourself when you see yourself as a good person. Put your attention on someone else. You’ll enjoy the mental break, and your opinion of yourself will get a boost. You’re a good person, so remind yourself of that from time to time.
  3. Be a good friend. You know how to be a good friend, but there are times that you’re not, and you probably don’t realize it. There are many simple things to keep in mind to be a good friend, including not projecting negativity, being honest, spending time, thinking about their feelings, listening, and just being there whenever, however. Following these simple things will also improve the way your friends view and treat you, too. Everyone wins when you decide to be a good friend.
  4. Forgive yourself. You’ve made a few mistakes. Who hasn’t? That’s life. However, it’s time to forgive yourself. Dwelling on the past does stressful things to your mental and physical being. You would do the same for someone you care about, so do it for yourself.
  5. Pursue what you need rather than what you want. What you want is rarely what you need. Once you’ve taken care of your needs, you’ll be in a better position to acquire what you want. Satisfying your needs is a prime example of self-love.
  6. Get in shape. Take care of your body. When you’re eating poorly and not getting enough exercise, you’re harming yourself. Obviously, this isn’t a good example of self-love. Show yourself that you take your health seriously. You’re loving yourself every time you eat a healthy meal or exercise your body.
  7. Appreciate your uniqueness. We tend to be embarrassed about our qualities, skills, or abilities that are unique. However, the most valuable parts of you are those that are different from others. The fact that you have an elbow doesn’t make you special.
  8. Practice gratitude. Be grateful for your body, mind, and uniqueness. Be thankful for everything in your life. Your life is better than you think. You are better than you think. Be grateful, and you’ll start to believe that you deserve more love from yourself.
  9. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to anyone else. To be kinder to others than you are to yourself is just showing everyone, including yourself, that you don’t respect yourself. At the end of the day, there’s no one looking out for you. You’ll have to take on this responsibility yourself.

Self-love is an essential part of your self-development. Without self-love, your success and happiness face a huge obstacle. Set aside some time each day to build your self-esteem and self-love. Your life will be better for it.

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