H.E.R. Does “Damage” Control With New Video

R&B songstress H.E.R. reveals the brand new visual for her passion-filled new single, “Damage.”

On the record, which samples the 1980s classic, “Making Love in the Rain” by Herb Alpert, Lisa Keith and Janet Jackson, H.E.R. takes us on a sensual and emotional ride that will surely heighten desires around love or the longing for love. H.E.R.’s delivery is captivating as she pours her soul into warning listeners about the damage that can transpire when your significant other takes you for granted. 

“All night you could be / Tellin’ me lies, makin’ me cry, wastin’ my time / The whole time, so just be / careful what you take for granted / yeah, ’cause with me know you could do damage,” she sings.

H.E.R. brings us closer to the record with the music video which sees her performing on a beautifully set stage, shot at the Roxie Theatre in Los Angeles, while dressed in 80s-inspired clothing.

H.E.R. can do no wrong as she has always been true to her sound and style.

“Damage” follows H.E.R.’s thought-provoking protest anthem “I Can’t Breathe” and her reggae-inspired track, “Do To Me.” Recently, H.E.R. was seen in the studio with legendary songstress Brandy and platinum songwriter and producer Tone Stith.

Stay tuned for H.E.R.’s debut performance on Saturday Night Live Saturday, October 24, hosted by Grammy-winning singer, Adele.

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